Crosswalk Paint No Longer Visible at Busy Whitehead and Greene Streets Intersection


Missing crosswalk at Greene St. and Whitehead St.

Maintenance Concern

The intersection of Greene Street and Whitehead Street is very busy with cars, trains, trolleys, taxis, and people, lots of people… yet not one crosswalk is painted on the street. Okay, there is one small section of faded paint showing Key West’s attention to safe bike/ped infrastructure; otherwise nothing to help people safely navigate across the busy streets. Dysfunctional crosswalks are pretty common throughout the city-maintained streets of Key West and something that needs to stop being ignored.


The Key West Bicycle Association published a post regarding the lack of painted crosswalks at the busy pedestrian intersection of Whitehead Street and Greene Street on 12/1/2016 and asked our local Bike / Ped Coordinator, “How can this particular problem be addressed and fixed?” and “Who should be held accountable for allowing this safety issue to exist?” @BikeWalkKeyWest responded with, “We’ve asked our engineering department to look into this.” The KWBA promised to check back in a month, which we did on 1/13/17. Since then there has been no reply, no answer, and still no painted crosswalks.

Focus On Improving Infrastructure

The city did choose to paint a needless, unwanted door lane while choosing to not re-stripe this crosswalk at a very busy intersection. Our priorities need to be focused on improving infrastructure and enforcement — not on implementing non-functional wastes of tax-dollars.